We are seeking endorsements from those who are currently running for US Senate or Representative offices who have read and agree with the basic principles and intent of the CLEAR Act proposal:

1- Preventing amendments that are outside of the stated nature, scope and intent of the legislation. No riders!
2 – Requiring page numbers on all tables of contents.
3 – Requiring electronic format publication to include hyperlinking,
search ability and color coded text change notification.
4 – Providing for a period of time between final bill proposal text and vote.
5 – Providing trace-ability of authors/sponsors of all bill provisions (transparency).
6 – Providing digital page indexing system (i.e.: as is done in most military and FAA documents for example.
7 – Agree, in writing to, to use the principles of the CLEAR Act in their campaign information and presentations. (Not just lip service only.)